Scottish Medicines Consortium assesses nusinersen for all types of 5q SMA

Scottish Medicines Consortium to assess nusinersen for all types of 5q SMAThe Scottish Medicines Consortium (SMC) is assessing nusinersen for the treatment of 5q SMA.

This means they will consider the case for SMA Types 1, 2, 3 and 4. SMA Support UK, MDUK and The SMA Trust were invited to provide a Patient Group Submission to support the funding of the treatment (deadline 5th February 2018). A copy of The SMA Trust’s submission can be found here.

The next step is a Patient and Clinical Experts (PACE) meeting to be held on March 13th 2018. THE SMC will consider the submissions and evidence provided by relevant SMA groups ‘for use in patients with infantile‑onset SMA (those who have or are most likely to develop SMA type I), and in patients with later‑onset SMA (those who have or who are most likely to develop SMA type II or III).’

More details will be provided, once announcements have been made by The SMC.

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