You are the reason we are able to fund research into a cure and treatments for Spinal Muscular Atrophy. We are totally dependent on voluntary donations to continue our work. Please donate now and help us to find a cure for this condition, which is the biggest genetic killer of babies and infants.

Personal information shared with us when you donate will be stored on our secure database as a record of your donation and contribution to The SMA Trust. We promise to only use the information as you wish or for a legitimate business purpose such as internal reporting and analysis. We use a third-party organisation, WorldPay, to collect payments from credit/debit cards and do not receive any of your financial information from this transaction.



Launched in 2014, funds raised from the Muscle Power campaign have resulted in our being able to announce our new £1.3m UK SMA Research Consortium. This is a 3 year commitment. We have made significant progress in reaching the £1.3m needed, but we need your continued support and help with donations to raise the full amount,  as well as still being in a position to fund other research initiatives.


We are entirely dependant on voluntary donations and fundraising to continue our work.

How your money can help us find a cure and treatments for SMA.