Our sole focus is to fund medical research into SMA and so we are able to keep our administrative costs to an absolute minimum. Nevertheless, there are many things we would like to be able to do which simply aren’t possible with a small team like ours.

Being small means that everyone knows each other and respects each other’s contribution. As we grow, we will become increasingly dependent on the help of volunteers and that’s where you can help. Giving your time and skills will make a huge difference to what we can achieve together.

If you are a student looking for community service or volunteering opportunities as part of your Duke of Edinburgh Award or the like, get in touch!

There are several ways in which you can help:

  • Help out at one of our SMA Trust events, The SMA Trust Mud Run or Ride Scorpion.
  • Provide office or administrative support
  • Become an Ambassador or Local Champion for The SMA Trust

Check out our vacancies page or email for more information.