SMA Trust & SMA Support UK Proposed Merger

The SMA Trust and SMA Support UK have announced an intention to merge, requesting thoughts and feedback from our friends, supporters and the SMA community. Having worked together increasingly closely over the past few years, we feel we can achieve more for the SMA community and faster, by coming together formally.

You can read the full communication sent to our supporters here, and for more information about the benefits of the proposed merger and what it will mean for the SMA community we have prepared a set of Questions & Answers.

We welcome your views and feedback on the proposed merger and would appreciate it if you could take 5 minutes to answer a brief survey, to let us know your thoughts, by 15th July. Once we understand the views of the community, we plan on announcing a final decision in the autumn.

If you would like any further information, or to speak to one of The SMA Trust Team, please contact us on 01608 801020, or alternatively email us at:

For SMA Support UK’s communications and Questions & Answers please visit their website.



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