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Our research

We fund cutting-edge research into SMA

The SMA Trust is the only UK charity solely dedicated to funding research into a cure and treatments for SMA and currently funds over 75% of UK charity-funded research. Since being founded in 2003, The SMA Trust has committed over £4 million to SMA research projects.

Our SMA research projects are focused on furthering the understanding of the disease, finding potential treatments and developing UK centres of excellence that attract world-class scientists to SMA research. Our research is carried out in the UK and continental Europe.

Our current priorities lie in 3 main areas

  • Developing treatments for all SMA types

In January 2016 the first UK SMA Research Consortium was launched, which we are funding at a cost of £1.3m over 3 years. The consortium is an important collaboration, consisting of world-class experts, focused on learning more about SMA and on developping successful treatments for people affected by all SMA types throughout their lives.

  • Facilitating successful clinical trials in the UK

We also fund, in collaboration with Muscular Dystrophy Campaign, a clinical project, SMA REACH, which collates consistent, up to date patient information, with the ultimate aim of facilitating successful clinical trials in the UK as well as raising the standards of care.

  • International collaboration

We forge partnerships with research and patient advocacy organisations internationally through our membership of SMA Europe. SMA Europe is an umbrella organisation which funds research projects across Europe and globally, promotes knowledge-sharing, collaboration and represents a united ‘patient voice’ to pharmaceutical companies and regulatory authorities.