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The SMA Trust was founded in 2003, with a mission to be active and progressive in the search for a cure and treatments for SMA. The charity was initiated to provide a UK focus for SMA research. Over a 15 year period, The Trust has committed over £4.5 million worth of funding to enable progress towards understanding more about SMA, its effects on the entire body, the development of treatments and methods of drug delivery.

The SMA Trust is now merging with SMA Support UK to form Spinal Muscular Atrophy UK, a new national charity and voice for the SMA community, with 47 years combined experience, representing the community.

SMA UK will continue to focus on the need for continued research into treatments to address all the symptoms of SMA.  A new research strategy will be a priority over the coming months. For details of current research projects and to read about future developments, visit the SMA Support UK website.

In recent times, we have been actively involved in pushing for access to nusinersen (Spinraza) and clinical trials for other potential new treatments.  This will also be a key priority for Spinal Muscular Atrophy UK and you can find out more about latest developments and how you can get involved here.