How are we involved in SMA research?

Since 2003 The SMA Trust has committed just over £4 million to funding the following:

  • Crucial communication and exchanges between SMA scientists


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Where is our research taking place?

Our research is carried out at centres of excellence in the UK, such as: Oxford, Edinburgh, London (Institute of Child Health & The Royal Holloway), SheffieldNewcastle as well as in continental Europe.

What is our strategy?

The SMA Trust’s Research Strategy, developed with Scientific Trustees, identifies current and future priorities. It broadly has three arms:

  • To fund research areas that promise to make the greatest scientific impact,
  • To support the SMA research community,
  • To ensure the UK is well prepared to participate in clinical trials so that potentially life-saving treatments can be accessed as early as possible.

The SMA Trust recognises the importance of collaboration, at national and international level, both to advance SMA research but also to make sure that research in the UK is not duplicating efforts elsewhere.

To achieve this, we have established close ties with SMA stakeholders across the world:

What are our funding priorities for 2016 – 2018?

Together with our colleagues at SMA Europe, we have been involved in initiatives which help the clinical development of potential therapies for SMA. These initiatives range from organising workshops between stakeholders, to liaising very closely with pharmaceutical companies and regulators. Find out more about SMA Europe’s activities here.