Take the 1000 Mile Challenge

The 1000 Mile Challenge is a new way to get involved to help us raise vital funds for our Muscle Power campaign which will drive the UK SMA Research Consortium over the next 3 years.

It might sound daunting, but it isn’t! Get together with friends, family and colleagues and clock up a cumulative 1000 miles as a team. All you have to do is travel 1000 miles – there’s no time limit and no limit on how many people you get to help you; you certainly don’t have to do it on your own!  You could bike, row your boat, walk the dog, take part in a run, do an exercise class, ride your horse or even knit! Everyone can take part and every contribution will help you reach your 1000 mile target. UKSMARC 1000 MC Logo SMALL

We’re with you every step, gallop or jog along the way with fundraising materials, tips, ideas and PEDOMETERsupport. If you can commit to raising at least £100, we’ll send you a free pedometer to help you watch your miles add up!

Need inspiration?

“We started the 1000 mile challenge Nov 3rd 2015. Started off with only around 5 of us but soon grew to well over 20 once family and friends knew what we where doing and wanted to get involved. My team ran, cycled, walked, walked the dog, did boot camp, Zumba, spinning and we even did some paintballing.  So many people pushed themselves to beat their personal bests and doing that bit extra to make up miles. One of my friends had been training for Navy also so this helped her push even more. We did one main event a Stroll and Roll where we walked 137 miles between 37 of us. This included Isabel’s best friend Sophie who walked the whole thing at only 2 years old and raised an amazing £306 towards the total. We completed the challenge on December 17th just a day before Isabel’s 2nd birthday and raised £1151 in total.” Sophie Freeman

Whatever you do, whatever you raise will help bring us closer to our goal of treatments and a cure for SMA.   Contact our Fundraising Team for more information on 01789 801155 or email us info@smatrust.org

How your money can help us find a cure and treatments for SMA


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